Monday, June 27, 2011

#193 Read times 100 best novels of all time…

Done and done, although not too easy with this one. I found this book very tedious. I have a hard time reading long novels that go WAY into detail about everything.
The novel had a great storyline however. It takes place in Chicago during the Great Depression in America, which is probably why it is seen as such an American classic. The book opens up with a young Augie March who is stealing with one of his school age friends, and a very strict Polish grandmother who makes her two grandsons work hard for their supper. The book goes on and on through random jobs and random lovers throughout Augie’s life during the depression. Even throughout Augie’s life he remembers his Polish background and his grandmother’s words of harsh wisdom cause the book to have a great deal of satire. The book deals with a lot of common themes, including love and loss, wealth and poverty, the highs and lows of life, struggles to conformity, death, disability, and many many others. I think Augie is a relatable character. I know at times I would stop and think to myself “damn, I am kind of like Augie. I don’t have a guaranteed plan for myself and often just go with the flow of life”. Or, for the stronger person they might think “Damn! I can definitely see myself training an eagle to hunt lizards in the depth of a Mexican jungle.”
Overall, I am glad I read it…maybe not so much at first, but it has a fantastic ending. Do I recommend it? Yes, if you have plenty of time to waste :)

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