Thursday, January 26, 2012

A book review- The Time Machine H.G. Wells

At first I was skeptical of reading The Time Machine. However, I had to read The Time Machine for my British Literature class. I loved it! I did feel like The Time Machine was lacking substance for the part of the very future, or end of the world. I wish Wells would have gone into a little more detail and explain why he thought the end of the world would end the way he described it- evolutionary theory should have been expanded on in my opinion. Only because I know H.G. Wells really knows about the evolutionary theory, it's really relevant in this novel.

Basically The Time Machine is a novel dated in the early 1900's (?). The time traveller builds this time machine and is retelling his story of his traveling to a group of men, or friends. The time traveller goes WAY into the future, so far that humans have kind of lost their intelligence and skip around picking flowers when they aren't busy fighting cannibals. Then the time traveller continues to go into the future to the "end of the world" where the sun has burnt out and the Earth is ruled by a kind of nothingness besides huge butterflies and enormous crabs. 

The Time Machine in my opinion is awesome, great ideas about social classes and communism and the theory of evolution. Also, who doesn't love a book that is on the short side? I believe my Professor referred to The Time Machine as a "Longer short story". The Time Machine is also on the list of "1001 books you have to read before you die" and I completely agree.


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    1. I wasn't expecting to like this because I am not a big fan of British Authors, and the first chapter was a snore, but I was pleasantly surprised!