Monday, June 27, 2011

The List!

Let's start with the List...
Things I want to do before I die
1.       Drive a racecar
2.       Drive a dune buggy
3.       Drive a 4 wheeler
4.       Learn how to shoot a gun
5.       White water rafting
6.       Watch a NYC ballet
7.       Build a raft and float down a river -Tom Sawyer style
8.       Get a meaningful Tattoo
9.       Abseiling
10.    to a Nude beach
11.   Paris
12.    Nice,
13.   Rome,
14.   London,
15.   Amsterdam,
16.    Venice,
17.   Florence,
18.   Great Wall of China
19.   Get my Scuba Diving License
20.   Go on a Hot Air Balloon ride
21.   Ride a Train
22.   Play Paintball
23.   Break a World Record
24.   Write a Book
25.   Sell Someone a Picture that I took
26.   Watch a NFL football game in person
27.   Perform a Stand-up Comedy
28.   Be in a play
29.   Witness an Eclipse
30.   Become fluent in French,
31.    Spanish,
32.    Japanese
33.   and Italian
34.   Learn how to say “hello” in 50 different languages
35.   Teach English in a foreign country
36.   Learn Guitar
37.   Listen to every piece of Chopin
38.   Learn the Rumba, cha cha, Salsa, Tango, Waltz, Foxtrot, and Samba
39.   Go snorkeling at a shipwreck site
40.   Go on a cruise
41.   Become a published author
42.   Drive a motorcycle
43.   Go on a cross country trip
44.   Drive down Route 66
45.   Ride on the Millennium Force
46.   Swim with Dolphins
47.   Go to the San Diego Zoo
48.   Go whale watching
49.   Go on a safari
50.   Ride an Elephant
51.   Go to the Grand Canyon
52.   Go through the everglades
53.   See the Northern Light
54.   Camp at Yellowstone
55.   Visit Stone hedge
56.   Smithsonian Museum
57.   National Museum of History
58.   The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam
59.   The Egyptian museum in Cairo
60.   The Louvre
61.   Climb the Statue of Liberty
62.   Vacation in Martha’s vineyard
63.   Visit Hollywood
64.    Ride a cable car in San Fran
65.   National Cherry Blossom Festival
66.   Oktober fest
67.   Day of the Dead
68.   Marti Gras in New Orleans
69.   Learn not to take what people do or say personally
70.    Get my Master’s degree
71.   Own a Beach house
72.   Shop on Rodeo Drive
73.    Spend a week at a 5 star resort
74.   Sleep in a castle
75.   Own an Island
76.   Fly First class
77.   Buy Jewelry at Tiffany’s
78.   Get married
79.   Have a baby (My baby story)
80.   Go on an amazing honeymoon and check some things off my bucket list
81.   Celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary
82.   Build a Habitat for Humanity Home
83.   Change someone’s life
84.   Volunteer at a soup kitchen
85.   Donate blood
86.   Start a Charity
87.   Own a sports bar
88.   Become a teacher
89.   Coach a national winning cheer team
90.   Own a coffee shop like Uncommon Grounds
91.   Invent something
92.   Create a successful Blog (50 followers; 100 followers;500 followers; 1,000 followers)
93.   Have my blog in Time’s magazine best blogs
94.   Be interviewed by the Today show
95.   Eat at an undersea restaurant
96.   Go to the Macy day Parade
97.   Spend New Years at Time square
98.   See the Rockettes
99.   Go ice skating at the Rockerfellow Center
100. Watch fireworks over Sydney
101. Get my palms read
102. Win over $1,000 in the lottery
103. Mud wrestle
104. Be a member of the audience in a T.V. show
105. Sit on a jury
106. Eat something I have grown
107. Catch a fish and prepare it myself
108. Make Sushi
109. Invent a dinner dish
110. Be on a reality show
111.Catch a foul baseball at a game
112. Visit a Movie set
113. Have a chance to say “Quick! Follow that car!”
114. Write in a journal for 365 days in a row
115. Learn a new word, every day for a year
116. Spend a week in a small town
117. Ride in an open aired airplane
118. Ride a mechanical bull
119. Go on  a walk through central Park
120. Go on a ghost tour in New Orleans
121. Take a tour at Gettysburg
122. Take a tour at Saratoga Battle field
123. Go to the Kentucky derby
124. Be in a music video
125. Bowl a 300
126. Have my parents tell me that they are proud of me
127. Perform a song in front of an audience
128. Walk on a boardwalk
129. Drive over the Golden Gate bridge
130. Go to a circus
131. See Disney on Ice
132. Learn to cook
133. Run a marathon
134.Learn archery
135. Learn how to golf
136.Learn how to snowboard
137. Learn how to surf
138. Get my black belt
139. Learn sign language
140.Visit all 50 states
141. Make the front page of the Newspaper
142.Volunteer at an animal shelter
143.  See the Northern lights
144. Climb every peak in the Adirondacks
145. Go to a wine tasting
146. Go backpacking
147. Bake an amazing cake
148.Visit a Volcano
149. Dip my toes in every ocean
150. See a kangaroo in the Outback
151. Get my picture taken on Abby road
152. Read the Bible
153. Send a message in a bottle
154. Sing karaoke
155. Enjoy some time in a sunflower field
156. Witness paranormal activity
157. See a monarch migration
158. Be a movie extra
159. Get a real estate license and practice it as a hobby
160. Take a self defense class
161. Ride a jet ski
162. Kiss under mistletoe
163. Make pasta from scratch
164 Get on a random airplane
165. Go on a carriage ride
166. Shop for a prom dress for my daughter
167. See an Olympic game preferably Gymnastics
168. See a comet
169.Watch a space shuttle take off
170. Visit the U.S.S. Arizona
171. Go to the Polynesian Cultural Center
172. Take a tour through the Dole Plantation
173. Go to a luau
174. Have a conversation with Lady Gaga
175. Make awesome chili
176. Have a pen pal
177. Spend some time in Maui
178. Play Black ops and get good at it
179. Fold 1,000 cranes
180. Take art classes
181. I want to be able to indentify constellations in the night’s sky
182. Try P90X
183. Brew my own beer
184. Make a list of 100 books I want to read, and read them all
185. Find a glass float on the shore of Oregon
186.Visit Fiji and drink some Fiji water while I am there
187. Visit Bora Bora
188. Ride the Hiawatha Bike trail in Idaho
189. See some Mayan Ruins
190. Visit Cancun
191. Ride a horse on a beach
192.  Ride in a limo
194. Win a game of Bingo
195. Go to a Nascar race
196. Go to Disney World
197. Spend St. Patricks day in Dublin
198. Flip and sell a house for a profit
199. Wake up before 6 a.m. for two weeks
200.  Adopt a puppy


  1. Interesting. Of those 100 things to do before you die, I can see about 50 ways of getting yourself killed.

  2. Fun!! I'm stealing your idea and making a post of my bucket list!! I like how you have crossed out what you've done. This will be alot easier than remembering where you put your paper list all the time lol

  3. I love the list hope you can get all of the done.

  4. Wow! What a great and LONG list! I'm here visiting from comment love day from For The Love of Blogs. I saw your bucket list and just had to read it. I'm doing something similar. I call it a bucket list, but it's really a 101 goals in 1,001 days. Either way, I love the idea of doing things that you want to do or trying new things. I'm kinda jealous that you've already done whale watching. I've always wanted to do that. I don't have that on my short term goal list though. Maybe I'll add that to my next one! :) Good luck on your list!

  5. I love reading the life lists of others! I like the idea of adding museums and really specific items (like selling a photograph).