Thursday, July 21, 2011

A hike through Waimano pools

This was a really nice hike. It was a lot nicer then what I was expecting because in the beginning of the hike the trail was heavily graffitied. Even though I slipped in the mud and busted my entire body it was worth it in the end.

Not on the bucket list, but again an enjoyable hike.

With all this hiking, I am adding an item on my bucket list... "Hike as many trails as I can in my lifetime". I think that is more appropriate.


  1. Well, now you're not talking to yourself anymore. I'm out of time now but I'll come back and read some more. Promise.

    Mister V

  2. Beautiful! I love hiking!!!

    (thanks for visiting my blog!)

  3. Beautiful waterfall.. Love it! I visit some waterfall and still i love hikings too. Take care & God bless.