Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wooty #173 Go to a Luau!

Check and Check!

Around 5 o'clock on my wonderful birthday my fiance and I checked into Paradise Cove in Oahu Hawaii as VIP's. No big deal. We got our tickets and we were escorted into the luau area where we got a free mai tai and our picture taken with half naked Hawaiians (who were of course easy on the eyes). If the free mai tai wasn't enough to make me happy, I also got laid. Which, who can complain about!?

 We walked in not really knowing what to expect. There was a medium sized stage with a bunch of tables surrounding it. The VIP section wasn't really that much more special, it just meant that we were closer to the almost naked men.

After we were escorted to our seats we decided to take a look around the place to see what kind of activities we could partake in. They had spear throwing, which I thought had potential for being pretty dangerous, especially if I was the one with a weapon in my hand. Thankfully no one got hurt. They also had some kind of Hawaiian bowling, but we didn't do that activity because we got distracted by the bar and drinks sounded like a better idea. They also had an arts and crafts section where I made my own Hawaiian headpiece. It was actually really hard because it wasn't your typical braid, and after watching the woman next to me get yelled out by the Hawaiian instructor I had to get my act together and finish the thing.

Next it was time for some Luau demonstrations. The first demonstration was how to tie your Hawaiian clothes. When one demonstration was finished we had to follow the half-naked con shell man. I don't know about you, but I will never object to following around a half-naked man. After the slong show, he brought us over to a coconut tree where his little friend was going to show us tourists what it's like when it rains flowers. Then we again followed the con-shell man to the beach where they had all the luau out attendees watch a fishing ceremony where men were busy being manly and catching fish and where woman where being womanly dancing and cheering on the men. The final demonstration definitely made me the most hungry. It was the bringing up of the boar. Mmmmm. Which was delicious by the way.

What is a luau without the dancing and the fire?

I really enjoyed this day and not just because I had a lot of mai tais. The food was good the people were great and I got really close to someone swinging fire around my head.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! Glad you were able to scratch this off your bucket list, but it may be something you do more than once. My wife and I may be able to help you make pasta from scratch - it is her family tradition to make ravioli for Christmas, and we make pasta with the leftover dough - delicious!

  2. MmMmm. That does sound good! I love pasta. Marrying into an Italian family soon, I better learn quick. Maybe that will be the next thing I check off on my list! I just need a good recipe. And good instructions, I am really bad at cooking!