Wednesday, October 26, 2011

#192 Ride in a Limo

There really isn't much I can say for this entry. It's pretty self explanatory. I got married and I wanted a limo, so there I got it!


  1. Cute photos!! I love the b&w one. I love the numbered bucket list idea!! Thanks for visiting my blog, you should allow comment replies though!! You should check out my page here on art journaling if you really want to start, I am putting together a list of all sorts of resources & tips! [It is far from done though!!]


  2. Thanks! I think I fixed the comment settings. I started to art journal but then I realized I needed a book with larger pages. I will definitely check it out!

  3. Those two pictures are enough to tell us the whole story, Brit. :) Limos are grand cars, but you really have to be careful when choosing one. I think you made a great choice because the limo isn’t exaggerated in terms of length and design, which kept its classy appearance. Well, I bet you still had the time of your life even if you had a different limo.

  4. It’s that easy, right? Haha! I love the first picture! ;) It seems that you got your perfect wedding. Congratulations on your wedding and for getting the limo you wanted! :)

    Taisha Bousquet