Monday, October 24, 2011

#76 Fly first class

As some of you might have noticed (but probably not!) I have been a little inactive on both my blogs. Well thats because I have been on vacation! A vacation away from the Island of Oahu. I know it sounds weird right!?

Well anyways, I did check off a lot of things on my bucket list including flying first class! $200 for an upgrade to first class for a 6 hour flight from Oahu to Washington, I will take it please!

In the picture above, is me in all my happiness holding up my free Mai Tai enjoying the extra leg room and cushy seats. I was a little disappointed in myself when I fell asleep after my second drink, but we ended up flying first class from NY to L.A. and L.A. to Oahu on our trip back so it was still worth it. I would say flying first class is a lot better then flying economy only because you have room to move. Why do they make planes so small now? I get it, they want to fit more people on the plane to make more money, but seriously the comfort difference is astonishing!

Of course I would recommend this to anyone, and I would most definitely recommend it to anyone flying across the ocean.


  1. I should have done the upgrade on my flight. Next time I'm with TJ I definitely will.

  2. It's almost like Anthony wasn't there. He slept the entire time haha