Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Holiday's!

Merry Christmas! I know my decorations aren't much, but give a girl a break! This is mine and my husband's first Christmas together in the four years that we have been together! The first year he went home for the holidays, the second he was on deployment, and last year he had to stand duty. So yay for first Christmas! He has to work today, but I would say it's worth it.

So I was browsing through some blogs in a group I am in (married young) and I found this very cute, crafty southern bell ( ) who had this great idea for a christmas ornament for newly weds ( Ornament Idea ) . I thought it was a great idea and decided to copy her! So here is my version of her idea (come on folks, I am still learning how to be crafty!)

You need a clear bulb. San's glitter would be ideal but if you live in Hawaii and you are trying to find one a few days before Christmas..ahh good luck. This is the best one (or should I say only) one I found in Walmart and Kmart.

I have a lot of left over invitations. This is what I am putting inside my bulb.

Basically, I cut the invitation up into little strips and took the top off the bulb. Bet you don't know what comes next...

Stuff them inside.

I added some Christmas spirited ribbon and voila! Looks pretty good for a non, crafter eh?

Here are a few more additions to our Christmas tree this year (Thank you Laccetti Family!!)

Merry Christmas everyone!
Feel free to leave links to some of your Christmas ornaments in the comment section below!


  1. : ) We have that same Mickey and Minnie ornament! Matt's mom bought it for us because the Mickey and Minnie were the same as our cake topper!

  2. Cute!! Our cake topper was Jack Sparrow and Belle! Keeping up with the Disney theme. Who doesn't love mickey and minnie?

  3. very cute ornament :)
    your tree is adorable!

  4. That's a very cute idea! I will have to try it one of these years when I'm not afraid of my three kids breaking (more) ornaments! lol

  5. Okay so you're turned out Soooo much better than mine!! Haha. Thanks for the link. You're a doll!! Love all your ornaments!

  6. No way! You had a way nicer bulb, from far away all you can really see is the glitter! You were right though, I couldn't find clear bulbs anywhere in the stores, although I was happy that I grabbed this last box.