Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Hard Decision

(A picture from today. Flower in mah hair- feeling the Hawaii love today for sure!)

If you follow my other blog you probably know by now that I am merging my two blogs. It was just too much keeping up with two blogs. You see, I created my other blog to leave my personal thoughts/wishes separate from this "more structured" blog.
But I realized that this "strategy" was hurting me rather than helping. My narrative voice seems to be a lot stronger on my other blog because it's more personal. But this blog has more "Umff". So, I have come to the decision that I am merging them together. Dun- Dun- Dun!!!
Hopefully this gives me time to blog more often instead of picking one blog over the other.

So, just in case all that wasn't clear, I will only be blogging on this website from now on. Oh and let me add a story from yesterday...

Today, while getting gas at the local ghetto-ass gas station down the street, the homeless guy who lives on the corner flashed his "goods" at me.

First off. The guy was wearing no pants today with just a hoodie. And BAM, out of no where just opens his jacket to flash his cash and prizes.

Then, he proceeded to POUND a bottle of liquor. And when I saw pound, I mean this guy just took a bottle of liquor to the FACE like it was kool-aid on a summer day.

This is not the same homeless person who digs through my trash.


  1. Well I'm sure those cash and prizes at least woke you up....hope your day goes a bit better after that.

  2. You went to the ghetto gas station and got free weenies? Um, jealous.