Monday, August 27, 2012

Husband's Homecoming!!!

Well, last week was jammed packed with excitement.  My husband is finally home from his deployment! It didn't seem long ago that I was posting that he was leaving and that I was sad, but time really did fly by.  Actually, I lied; time went by incredibly slow but I am glad it's over with.  He is the cutie on the end of the boat with the tan shorts on.  He has legs for days. He wasn't in his dress whites yet because he is a diver and he has to assist with pulling the boat close to the pier.

After the boat was all settled in and people were allowed to get on the pier he went down in the submarine and changed into his dress whites.

With all the excitement I forgot to ask for a picture until the very end, and unfortunately it came out really dark.  But at least you can clearly see the happiness on both of our faces (and me being whale status).

Nothing too exciting happened that night, sorry to disappoint.  My husband ended up getting stuck at work until 9 p.m. which is pretty normal.  He came home and we both pretty much passed out!


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