Sunday, April 5, 2015

#184 My to-read list

Still Alice written by Lisa Genova.

I read Still Alice a long time ago.In fact, I read it in June 2012. For some reason I never put it in the blog. Because it was so long ago, I am just going to upload my goodreads review (so it's going to be short).

This was a good read. I don't know much about Alzheimer's disease because I've never met anyone personally who suffers from it. This book does a fantastic job showing the progression from a patients view that is just heartbreaking to read. I have to admit, I don't cry very often reading books; this was definitely a book I cried while reading. Although it's fictional I found myself wanting to meet the narrator and tell her that I'm so sorry. 
The book was really touching. I definitely would recommend it to anyone who is fascinated by the disease and it's progression. It is an eye-opener to people (like me) who only have the slightest idea of the struggles of Alzheimer patients.

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