Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Yellowstone We Are Coming For You!!

I am so excited to announce that the official planning for camping at Yellowstone national park has begun! My husband is taking leave in July and we are going to make the 12 hour drive to the West Gate and spend a long weekend camping with the family.

We were going to stay in Yellowstone on our way over to Washington, but the snow prevented us from getting anywhere close. In the winter a lot of roads are closed down and it was difficult getting across that region. When we stopped in Hot Springs in WY, the hotel we stayed at called the rangers to see if the gates were closed and if the park would be open anytime during the week. Sadly the weather was too rough that the park was closed, and we had to venture around the park.

I was upset because Yellowstone is on my bucket list, and I wanted to stop in the park. I wasn't sure when I would have the opportunity to see Yellowstone again. Then, I was talking to my friend who just moved to Idaho, and we were talking about meeting up soon. We were brainstorming ideas on where and when to meet (mommy con in Seattle was also brought up), and I suggested that we head to Yellowstone with the kids. Excitement ensued. I asked my husband if it was possible, due to his work schedule, and he said "Heck yeah let's do it!" So that's it! It's going to happen. Now we just have to figure out sleeping arrangements.

We are still deciding how we want to camp: cabin, tent, or camper? The cabins seem a little expensive, and we don't have a camper so we would have to rent or borrow one. My husband has  never been camping in a tent and I think he is scared because he said it wouldn't be fun (princess much?). We know we want to stay near the West gate, because that is the closest to us and we want to see Old Faithful, but we have no idea where to camp. I looked at KOA which was oddly expensive for a camping trip. Maybe I am getting old but I don't remember paying anything more than $10 to pitch a tent. Maybe it's because it's a popular area and during the season? I feel so overwhelmed!

Have you ever been to Yellowstone? Do you have any suggestions on where to stay? Cabin, tent, or camper? Which would you prefer?


  1. What an exciting trip you have to plan! I would love to visit Yellowstone one day! Will be checking back to see how it goes! #timetraveller

  2. wow looks like you'll have an amazing time, we camped with the kids to Oregon a few years ago and loved every minute with it

  3. What an amazing project to plan. I haven't been to Yellowstone so I'd be very interested in hearing how your plans and trip go. If you're staying just a couple of nights the tent can be a lot of fun.
    Lovely to 'meet' you and thanks for linking up to #TimeTraveller I can't wait to hear more.