Monday, June 27, 2011

ISO 100
Aperture f/5.6
Exposure 1/100th
Focal Length 30mm

I can cross off Item #196 Wooohooo!
My amazing fiance and I spent 3 magical days in Walt Disney World in Orlando Flordia during his leave from the Military January 1-3. We had an amazing time. The first night we stayed was a complete accident. We were supposed to be meeting Anthony’s family in Cape Coral on the first, but since we were driving from New Orleans the day before we decided it would have been wiser to just spend an extra day at Disney! We spent the night walking around downtown Disney where we ate at Fulton’s Crab house. A very cute restuarant modeled after a steamboat sitting on the lake. The service was very disney! Everyone everywhere was exceptional. I had a wonderful time. The next day we switched hotels to meet up with his family at the Saratoga Springs resort.
The Saratoga Springs resort was a nice touch to our vacation, because it was modeled exactly like the home town Saratoga that I grew up in! Even the street names were the same (Ave. Of Pines, Congress Park) and the hotel room looked like many of my friend’s apartments that live in the old victorian houses. The whole thing was surreal and oddly comforting.
We spent our next day at Universal and Hollywood studios and we also spent time on the very vacant (sunday night) Boardwalk.
Our last day in Disney we went to Epcot where we got to drink around the world! This was a wonderful thing to be crossed off my bucket list, and everything I dreamed that Disney would be. Magical!

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