Thursday, July 7, 2011

#135 Learn how to golf

This is my preparation for #135. I got golf clubs for my birthday and I went out to the driving range to test them out. I did horribly. Often I was swinging only to realize I completely missed the ball. Charlie brown style. I am going to need A LOT more practice before I take my skills out on the course.

My first couple of golf balls I hit didn't go very far, if I even managed to hit them. I started to get a little bit better. I can hit pretty far with my 9 iron. I think a couple of times I got a good hit in that went about 150 yards and went pretty straight. The drivers were a little bit harder to hit the ball with. I think I just need to relax. Anthony kept having to tell me that we weren't playing baseball, that I could relax and hit the ball gently.

I will definitely be going back soon. Not only was the driving range a stress reliever but I am pretty terrible and I need to get a little better before I try a course. Plus, I look pretty cute with my golf clubs.

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