Thursday, July 7, 2011

#193 Read all TIME 100 novels

This is usually a requirement for high school reading, but of course my school didn't require us to read it. I think perhaps it is a good thing I wasn't forced into reading it because I don't think I would have enjoyed it as much as I did. I found it pretty disturbing and I love how Orwell basically used the animal society to show a form of government during a time where the United States was in it's prime for fighting communism. Ok, Sure, communism is "bad" because it basically gives power to one individual who ends up being corrupt. This book shows a great example of how communism can easily become corrupt in a mere 55 pages.
The book starts off with the animals overthrowing the farmer and overtaking the farm because the farmer was a piece of shit drunkard and was neglecting the animals. The farmer runs out of his farm and lets the animals take over.
From there the pigs decide that they are going to be the "intellect" of the farm and somehow convince the animals that they are more important then everyone else because they are somehow holding the farm together.
Then one pig afraid of another pig taking over runs the pig out of the farm making all the power fall into his little pig arms.
Now that the pig has all the power on the farm he brainwashes all the other animals into thinking that he is the "divine one" and "great leader" and that he MUST eat more, sleep  more, and have more then the other animals to keep the farm together.
The book has a pretty disappointing ending, I was hoping for a crazy rebellion but that unfortunately didn't happen. Although I usually like morbid endings, this was too much for me. It might have been because animals were involved.
Oh and if you thought this book was pretty ridiculous, you should check out the movie they made after the book. That was ridiculous.

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