Monday, November 14, 2011

#132 Learn How to Cook

(Mexican taco soup)

Obviously this learning how to cook thing is a working process. I figured I would start with crock pot recipes. They seem like they are pretty easy, a lot of them are just "throw in ingredients and ignore". Which I LOVE.

So, I came across this recipe when I was partaking in a bloghop and I HAD to try it ( Anyways, it is very simple!

1.5 lbs of meat
Can of pinto beans
Can of black Beans
Can of kidney beans
Can of corn
Can of diced tomatoes
Ranch seasoning packet
taco seasoning packet

How to make (so simple!):
1. Empty all canned goods into crock pot or slow cooker
2.Brown meat
3.Drain meat and insert into crock pot with ranch and taco season packets (make sure to open them and pour the contents out into the crock pot)
4. Cook on either HIGH for 3 hours, or LOW for 5 hours.
5.Dish out, put some sour cream in there and enjoy

Easy enough right?


  1. Thanks for featuring my recipe!
    It's so easy and so yummy! :)
    It also heats up so well for leftovers. I'm glad to see that you enjoyed it!

  2. I completely agree about the leftovers, I enjoyed them so much yesterday!

  3. Did you try it with Fritos or Tortilla Chips. Totally makes the dish - hehe. (may not be real healthy but

  4. Sounds yummy and so easy. I bet the leftovers are better than ever. Happy new follower from Tasty Tuesday.

  5. No! I bought chips then forgot to try it with it. Maybe next time!

  6. Just found your blog hope you come and vist me if you like great to find new blog friends, that looks very yummy have to try this one thats for sharing, have a great day.

    Always Wendy

  7. This is fantastic and I just learned to just the crock pot I've owned for over 7 years :). I love it! So simple to use. I wish I'd used it before. I will be borrowing this recipe too :).