Tuesday, November 1, 2011

#40 Go on a cruise

One thing I checked off my bucket list while I was on my honeymoon...

Go on a cruise! I was a little worried going on a cruise because I haven't really talked to anyone that has actually gone on one, but my husband assured me that it was going to be a good time so I trusted him. I am really glad I did!

We went aboard the Carnival Splendor ( http://www.carnival.com/cms/fun/ships/carnival_splendor/default.aspx?shipCode=SL )

It had a lot of fun things to do on board.

I did this random competition that was going on the second day on the boat where we had to do some random activities, like pour the pool water in the bucket. Our team won but for some reason the judge seemed pretty bias and shut us down. Anthony took part of a contest too, he was in the hairy chest contest!

He didn't win but he was one of the last men standing! They made him bark like a dog which was a little odd. There was also live band karaoke.
And mini-golf.

On this boat they also had a piano bar where we spent a few of our nights at.
The piano guy was pretty legit. One of the first nights we were there I requested a Jack Johnson song and he didn't know it but he told me to come back on Friday and he would have it. Needless to say, we went back on Friday and he sang and played it like a champ. Was a little disappointed that he didn't know "Peaches" but really, who really does know that song anyways?

We had a great time. This picture from the plane ride home explains it all...


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