Tuesday, January 24, 2012

92. Create a successful Blog (50 followers; 100 followers;500 followers; 1,000 followers)

Photo by Anthony Laccetti

Let me start off by saying HOORAY!! WOOO WHOO!

I made it past my first marker point for this item on my bucket list, and I couldn't be more proud of myself! I just want to say thank you to all of my followers who are interested enough to keep coming back to read my blog! A special shout out to osxg33kgirl who happened to be the 50th follower!

(As I grab my reward) I would like to accept this award on behalf of my husband, my dog and all my friends I drag around with me to make these things I write about possible!

I joke! But seriously, this is GREAT!


  1. woop woop... you so deserve it... been reading some posts and I really like your blog =D

  2. WAHOOOO!!!! Congratulations on hitting 50!!!

  3. Omg...congrats....How long have you been in business? I started my blog reinventingtheordinary.com in sept of this year. I have 44. I know they say it doesn't matter, but I guess I need validation that I'm not just spouting stupid stuff noone cares about. Good luck on your next milestone.

  4. Congratulations :) I still very new at this so please follow me back at http://tanzanitesdream.blogspot.com/ I will highly appreciate it :)



  5. @becky, I started this blog in July. I just have been participating in blog hops and I joined a few communities to basically promote my blog so people will come and read it. I just think having a bucket list is aspiring to some people. I have seen people who have been blogging for a couple of months and already have well over 100 followers but I really just write this to keep myself sane! I am really happy that I have 50 followers but what I am more thrilled about is the fact that people are actually taking the time to read what I write and actually be interested in what I am doing/saying. Also Becky, try making your profile not private, I went to click over to see your blog and it wouldn't let me that may help traffic wise!