Saturday, February 4, 2012

#106 Eat something that I have grown

Well I haven't ate anything yet, but my plants have finally started to grow! On the top is my raspberry bush.  I have had this sucker since the beginning of January. When I first got it, it was just a bunch of roots and a little branch sticking out of a bag that I bought at Lowes. At the same time I picked up one of those "greenhouses for children" kits. That is what is in the little pots below. The bigger leafed ones are basil, the smaller leaf ones are oregano and the ones that are barely growing is parsley. 

So the top plant, I have had to pour on a liter of water on it a day which seems to be working. There is also a palm tree root right next to it, so I figured it's competing with the palm tree for water so a liter really isn't that bad. I don't know how long it is going to take for my bush to bear fruit. I am going to assume about a year? That sounds reasonable right? It could also bear fruit before that too because I am pretty sure it was a good sized bush before Lowes cut it down to sell it.

And those little buggers, they have only been growing for about a couple of weeks now. They just get a little spritz of water and direct sunlight and they are good to go. I figure I will be able to use them in about a month or so, when they are big enough to use. I poured the left over seeds in an empty flower bed I had, so if they start growing I might have to put more pictures of them up.

But since I haven't tasted anything from my amateur garden, I can't cross this off my bucket list yet.


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and saying hello. Now following you back :) That's cool you are interested in a midwife. I will be talking about midwives, natural child birth, water births, plus diy projects for baby, etc on my blog in the near future. So please drop by again!

  2. do it!! gardening is soo fun and rewarding...and therapeutic really! I am still using the herbs I harvested in the summer. good luck. lots of sunlight is the key!