Sunday, March 4, 2012

The first month of Deployment

(One of my friends from back at home sent me this card to cheer me up because my husband had to leave for deployment)

(What my dog thought about his card)

For me, the first and last month always seem the longest whenever my husband is deployed. I actually haven't gotten completely through the first month yet. But I am pretty close so I figured this post would be appropriate. I think the first month is hard because after the first month you are pretty much like "Well, I already have a month down." Also, this deployment has been hard because my husband's submarine hasn't been surfacing much to transmit emails, so I have only gotten about 2-3 emails from my husband since he left. I think that is the hardest part of being a submariners wife. You never know when you are going to speak to your better half. I work with an army wife who has been saying for the past few months, "Well, at least he isn't deployed for a whole year and only 6 months". My opinion about that matter is that there are cons to both sides. She is right, at least I am lucky that he doesn't leave for a year. BUT, at least she gets video chats almost everyday. The navy tends to have shorter deployments because they have virtually no contact with their family. Of course neither one is better, but lets all be respectful towards each other. Our husbands are fighting for the same thing whether its Army, Navy, National Guard, Air force, or Marines. So with that being said....

Things I did this month to keep my mind of deployment:

  • Really focused on school.  I have been keeping up with my classes and working on extra credit to keep my grades all A's. 4.0 semester here I come!
  • Spending more time with my fur babies. My dog tends to get ignored whenever me and my husband are home. Although he is sad that his daddy is gone, he is quite happy with the two walks a day compromise.
  • Getting excited for something that I will announce in a couple of months. You will understand and I am sorry I have to tease you this way!
  • Throwing out stuff. HEHE. It has to be done though.
  • Talking more with my family. I have a great support system and my mother calls me often to make sure I am doing ok. Also, a lot of my friends have been texting me daily to do the same. It's nice to know that if I happen to ever need something, that I have people who will be there in an instant.
  • Clean, Clean, and more Clean. I think this goes hand and hand with the throwing out of things, but it's nice to re arrange the furniture and really scrub the floors knowing that it will be clean for a while. This is also a stress reliever for me.
  • I am starting guitar lessons which I am really excited about.
  • F*** Bit***, Get Money! Working whenever I can. I basically told everyone at work to call me first if they need anything covered because I need to get my mind off things and make that green.
  • Trying out new recipes. Mostly because if they are horrible I can throw them away without my husband "starving" for the night.
  • Went on some field trips with my classes and really took advantage of the area in which I live in.
  • Read, Read, Read as you can probably tell by my last 10 entries! I am sorry for all the book reviews! (I have another on the tips of my fingers but I will give it a few days).

I think the most important part about deployment and getting through it is being as positive as you can be. I think spouses should take the opportunity to do things as an individual (But hey now, don't go all crazy and think your single). Sometimes it's nice to do things alone, whether it's going to a movie, a museum or an art gallery. As long as you are positive about doing things alone then you will have positive results, and believe won't regret it.


  1. I really admire you and your strength. My husband has been in 4 years and still hasn't been deployed (luck of the draw). I'm not sure how I'm going to handle it, but hearing your story makes me feel better. I hope the time goes by quickly for you!

    1. I think as long as you have a positive perspective on the deployment you will have a "positive " experience. I feel like the the wives who complain the entire time have the hardest time dealing with it. The important thing to remember is keep busy!

  2. I hope the next five months go by quickly for you!!

    I love your blog (:


    1. Aweee thank you so much. I needed an ego boost today! (haha) I hope they go quickly too. Nothing is worse then the days dragging on.

  3. the emails is your husband not the boat