Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Book Review- Sula

For my major author class we have shifted from reading Yamanaka to reading Morrison. Morrison's style of writing is very poetic. Morrison gets a lot of credit for her literature because it has this harsh truth behind the meaning of the story. Sula is no exception.

Sula is about two friends that grow up in a black neighborhood on the top of a hillside. In the novel, the white folk have basically pushed the poor people, including minorities up to the top of the hillside so they can have better farming and what not. So on the top is this very close knit community. The two young girls are shown in the beginning having a very close relationship that they even seemed like "one of the same". However they choose different life journeys, one staying in their hometown and the other venturing out to the city. When Sula, the venturing one, comes back to the community after many years she notices that the attitudes of her fellow community members has drastically changed. The reader is then shown the difference between the two women.

I wouldn't say that Sula is Morrison's best piece of work, I did really enjoy The Bluest Eye and I just started her greatest novel Beloved. But it is still a pretty good book, it's definitely an easy read because it's short and the language, although poetic, moves along pretty fast. I also really enjoyed the character Shadrock, as he reminded me of my grandfather for some reason, in a nice way of course!

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