Monday, May 21, 2012

Feeling left out

After being put on bed rest for a mandatory 2 weeks for contracting shingles, I have been suffering from the worst depression.  Being stuck in a house by yourself (ok I have the cat to keep me company) is really depressing.  And to make things worse no one really wants me around either.  Even though I have been on the island for almost two years I have failed miserably to make friends.
I think being pregnant is just making it even harder.  And people from my job hardly ever want to do anything.

I guess what is bringing this up is that people from my workplace uninvited me to a BBQ. I know, it doesn't sound like a big deal.  But what makes me feel bad is the way it was brought to my attention, one wants me around.  I understand where my coworkers are coming from with the fear of me having shingles, but it has cleared up.  I guess I am just hurt because I go days without having a conversation with anyone, and that's pretty darn depressing.  Netflix has become my only friend.

What do you do when no one wants to be around you and you have nothing to do? I have tried to make the best of it and catch up on TV shows, I have read and cooked.  What cures depression for you?


  1. Hi Brit,

    Is shingles actually contagious? I thought it was a retro-virus caused by chick-pox.

    I also suffer from depression, most intelligent people such as us do, I beat it by doing something creative, something original. It tends to release the right brain chemicals to override the depressive attitude.

    I like your blog. Nice job.

    1. Shingles is only contagious to people who have never had chicken pox. A bunch of people I work with have never had it, and never got the vaccine for it.

      I think the insomnia is what is making the depression worse.

      And thank you, it's nothing too serious. It's just something to keep me busy and my thoughts in line.

  2. Wow your work friends suck. Whenever I feel myself getting depressed, I pamper myself and do whatever I want to do whether or not it's healthy/a good idea. I eat all my favorite crappy foods, put off chores, play video games for as long as I want...anything to make myself feel happy. It gets me on the path to feeling better. Hope everything turns around and you're feeling like a million bucks asap.

    1. Thank you. I did indulge in some fudge and ice cream last night haha.

  3. I didn't know that.

    Insomnia usually does. Have you tried any of the folk remedy's for it?

    Joslin is right, you're work friends do suck.