Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Last Day of Classes

But why am I still stressed out!?

Well, now I have finals I have to worry about, and on top of that I have a ridiculous week of work with virtually no time to study for them.  Being pregnant is hard during this time when I could normally work through the week on 4 hours of sleep every night.  I tried to do that the other day and it was not pretty.  Apparently being over tired leads to morning sickness and extreme headaches.  Hopefully at least the time will go by fast.

*Oh yeah*
Does the happy it's May dance! Goodbye lonely April and Hello Lonely May! Every month is an achievement for me.  I know that sounds corny.  Unfortunately this deployment has been filled with a lot of work on the guys end resulting in zero communication while the boat is not in port.  Not even an email which has made time drag for the last few weeks.  I am that wife that checks her email constantly, but because I know I am not going to get anything my mailbox sits unattended.  I still write emails every day even if he isn't getting them.  Eventually when their boat is able to transmit signals then he will receive all the emails I wrote at once.  I want him to know that even though I knew he wasn't (or maybe he is who ever really knows?) getting emails that I was at least thinking about him everyday.  Sometimes our emails are the only light (figuratively and literally) in their lives.

*baby news*
I have genetic screening next week to make sure the baby is healthy and that I have a completely viable pregnancy that is *cross your fingers* low risk.  I really want a low risk pregnancy because the only way my insurance will cover a water birth is if the doctor declares I will have zero complications.  I am required to do the birth at a hospital with my insurance, just in case something were to happen.  My morning sickness has gone from all day sickness, to just sickness in the first couple of hours in which I am awake. At least now I can function like a normal human.  I am sure the dog is happy he is getting his daily walks again. Nothing else too exciting.  Still haven't bought anything and I am not planning to until I know the gender of the baby (in June- so close but so far away).

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