Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Brittany- Do your papers.  Get off Facebook, blogger, pinterest and just off the internet in general. Wow this root beer tastes amazing.  Maybe I should clean the computer room, it looks like it could use a quick write your paper.  The dog sure could use a bath, and the tub could also use a that more important than my paper?  Oh My God.  I NEED those shoes. Ok step one... pick a prompt...alright number one, I don't feel like reading the rest.  Augh I have to read a book....skip that one. Degeneracy...look that up. Nope, lets see number three... my tummy itches. Maybe I should put some cocoa butter on it. Man I am getting hairy.  Alright back to my paper... use peer-reviewed secondary materials, um no.  Let's see what was number one again?  Oh I have a Facebook notification...

The above is the perfect example why it takes me so darn long to get my papers done for class.  If there were a contest for procrastination I would win because I would take forever to apply and do it at the last minute.

I drive myself nuts.


  1. hahahaha - written down thoughts are always so funny because they are bouncing all over the place. Now get back to work and get that paper done. Geeez. lol

  2. Haha, when I started reading this I thought.. wow, is she nuts? But then I realised that actually we all are. You've summed up my monday morning in a paragraph, love it.

    Bonjour from the rainy state - the UK.