Monday, June 18, 2012

#184 *The Night Circus*

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Number #184- Make a list of 100 books and read them all.  Looks like I am crossing off number 1 on that list (finally).

And to add to that, I have recently found the local library.  The library in my neighborhood is very small, but is in a walking distance and scanning through the 5 isles of fiction I found this book and remembered it was on my list of books I wanted to read.

The Night Circus initially caught my eye because I saw one of my friends reviews on it, and it also contained the words "circus" and "magic".  Who doesn't love a good magic book?  By the way, there is a "tragic" (depending how you look at it) love story within the plot; The Night Circus is ideal for guilty pleasure reading. 

The Night Circus is about a young woman and a young man who are bound together as children to have a life-long magical battle held within a circus.  What I love about the magic element in this book is that the author implies that anyone can produce magic, it isn't something that you are given the ability to do, but that if you study the right materials you can learn.  It made me excited like a five-year-old girl.  Morgenstern is a very good visual writer.  The descriptions of the tents within the circus were believable and I felt like I was there while I was reading.  However, like most modern books the characters lacked a lot of depth and emotion.  Reading The Night Circus reminded me a lot of reading The Hunger Games because of this writing style. 

Overall The Night Circus was very enjoyable for me.  I wasn't looking for some "grand" novel (thats why the book is listed on my guilty pleasure list).  I was looking for a good story and I got one.