Monday, July 23, 2012

Apparently when you get pregnant you get crafty

I have been scanning Pinterest for a while now looking at all those adorable hats people put their newborns in and take photos of.  I went to Etsy and browsed some shops and I realized they can range from $25-50 a piece!  Then, I went to Walmart and looked at yarn and saw yarn was only about $4 for a ball.

I decided from that point on that I was going to learn how to crochet.  Mostly for my wallet because I could have easily bought 4 or 5 of those adorable hats and booties.  I found this really awesome blog online Crochet School Lessons (that is the lesson for the above piece.)

I would recommend if you are trying to learn how to crochet, start from the beginning and go through the entire "school".  I tried to learn the basics and then use a book and as soon as I looked at a pattern and tried to start a blanket I got really confused.  So now I am back to practicing.

Do any of my followers crochet?

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