Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mother Fears? First Official Pregnant Crying Breakdown.

Well it has happened.  I had my first irrational crying episode... in the car.  I had Glee Pandora playing on my radio, happily singing some Gotye when this song comes on. In the beginning I start singing along, but happy singing took a hormonal twist.

Then it hits me out of no where.  Blurs of my teenage years when I questioned everything about myself.  And I thought to myself, "Oh my. How am I going to deal with Zoë going through her teenage years?"  I know this is an odd thought but I do not want my child to ever think that she needs to change her appearance to feel better about herself.  One personal instant sticks in my mind the most.  When I was in middle school my teeth were in pretty rough shape.  It was obvious that I needed braces.  Every day on the bus a boy would tell me that no one will ever date me because of my teeth.  I made my mom take me to an orthodontist just to see how much it was.  When the orthodontist told my mother how much it cost JUST to get them put on, it was out of the question.  I cried at the orthodontist because all I wanted was to have nice looking teeth.  But I wonder if this little boy didn't tease me on a daily basis if I would have grown to accept my teeth (I ended up getting braces not long after).  You know how many people have something to say about my "butt-chin"?
"Haha, you can wipe your butt and blow your nose at the same time."
Original, and no one is laughing.  Your 25? You are very mature for your age.

People are mean.  I want to protect my daughter from everything and she isn't even here yet.  Actually, I would love to save every teenage girl from going through self-doubt.  Wouldn't it be nice if we could actually hypnotize people like Hal from the movie "Shallow Hal"? I am pretty sure that would be AWESOME.

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