Saturday, July 14, 2012

Baby Zoë update

(21 weeks)

In the past month I have only had one doctors appointment.  It was pretty routine and about 5 minutes long.  It was brief, the doctor checked her heart beat and I got my stomach measured for the first time because I have a little bump going on now. This week I will be 24 weeks done!

Zoë has been pretty active, she is definitely a kicker.  My husband got to take a week of leave to sort things out with the house and he actually got to feel her kicking and moving around in there.  I also downloaded this app called "Baby Beats" on the iPhone and it's really neat! It allows you to hear your baby's heartbeat.  I don't know how it works but it's pretty amazing.

I purchased a baby book that I am starting to doodle in and write little notes.  I might make a scrapbook later on when we settle down in Georgia/Florida.  I haven't really even bought anything yet for her.  I did by this pretty awesome outfit from Carters...

Pretty much my two favorite things wrapped up in one...tutu's and cats.  And how cute is that beanie?? This will be one of the first outfits she will be fashioned in. I know...I am a crazy cat woman.

I also got this...

Love the baby carriage for pandora.

So that's pretty much it for updates on the little Laccetti. Everything is going good, I feel great (thank goodness) and I am getting anxious and excited for her arrival.


  1. You are so cute with your little bump!

    1. Thanks! I kind of blew up this week. I feel large now, my next update will be shocking haha