Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Getting Lou Ready for Georgia

This poor guy!  He hates the vet.  Less than a year ago he got into a cat fight and another cat ate a chunk out of his belly and he had to have surgery and stay overnight here.  Ever since then, he hides in the corner underneath an object so no one can get him!

Lou had his annual today, and he also had to receive his first Rabies shot.  He hasn't had one because Rabies doesn't exist in Hawaii so they usually don't administer them unless they are traveling.  And this guy is about to go cross country, and into a state that requires the rabies shot.

My friend pointed out that today is International Cat Appreciation Day!  This is what I do to my cat on his holiday...I torture him by bringing him to the worst place on earth...the doctor....dun dun dun.

Also, if you happen to live in Hawaii and reading my blog, be very careful if you bring your pets to VCA Animal clinic because this is the second time they have tried charging me for something that wasn't even done to Lou.  This time they charged me $37 for the stool exam and I didn't even bring one in.  Then they tried to tell me I had to pay for it anyways because "it's standard" for the annual.  I argued with them for a little while asking them how it makes sense for someone to pay for something that wasn't done.  After a while they agreed to credit my account.  So that credit will be going to the health certificate right before we fly out.  That stupid health certificate costs $100.  Flying with pets is NOT cheap.

Readers do not fear! Lou is home and super lazy and happy laying by my feet as I type this!


  1. the vet we used didn't charge us for the health certificate just for the mini exam since it had been awhile since he had seen them. we heard bad things about the vca and never used them

    1. Yeah I am going to start calling around because I talked to one of my friends who said that Health certificates are usually around $40 and $100 is robbery.

      That annual exam was really expensive yesterday. I won't make that mistake again.