Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Since I haven't done a Blog hop in a while

I found this blog hop through someone else that I follow and I thought it looked like a good blog hop to participate in Mrs. Monologues

So a little about myself.  Which is a good refresher anyways because I am sure I have gotten more followers within this year that don't know a whole lot about me :)

My name is Brittany, and that cute little fur child is my cat Lou.  I am a cat freak.  If I wasn't married I would end up being a cat hoarder.  Fortunately my husband Anthony keeps my obsession at a healthy level.

This is one of my favorite wedding photo's.  We are still newly weds.  We got married in the beginning of October last year.  So we will be celebrating our one year anniversary soon!  Which is exciting, yet kind of funny because he is in the military and he has been gone for almost our entire year of marriage.

Before he left for his deployment he left me with a little present...

This beautiful girl is Zoë.  She will be making her appearance sometime around November 6th.

And if being pregnant during deployment isn't stressful enough, my husband got orders to move!  So we are packing our bags and leaving Hawaii to our next journey in Georgia.  In fact, the movers come in almost 3 weeks to take all our stuff away!

Some other facts about me? This blog is my "bucket list" I have a list of 200 things I want to do and this blog is a way for me to keep track of all of them.  You can find my list on the top of my tabs, along with some of my recipes and a very small collection of crafts.  When I say small, I mean like three things because I just started getting crafty!  I am not really good at it.  That's a pretty solid fact.


  1. awesome photos!!

    congrats on the baby girl,how exciting!!

    hope the move goes well and smoothly!

    cute blog :)

  2. I love that you use this blog as your bucket list! So glad you linked up!

    Mrs. Monologues

    1. Thanks! I added your button to my side bar too, hope you don't mind

  3. Sounds like you have a lot of really amazing things going for you! Stopping by from Tuesday's blog hop!

  4. Hi Brittany! Visiting from the blog hop and glad that this is the very first post I am reading from you! WOW you definitely have a busy life, and a new baby up ahead! That must be so exciting, yet stressful since you are moving. Hope you'll stop by and would you like to follow each other?

  5. i found you thru the hop congrats on the new addition