Tuesday, August 7, 2012

27 Weeks

Well I am finally gaining weight and looking pretty plump. I don't know what I did between weeks 25-27 because this is what I looked like at week 25...

When people tell you, "you will wake up one day and be like 'Oh my! I blew up!". Those people are not lying. I knew I was getting bigger because I was sitting on the floor doing my makeup when I went to reach for something behind me and slowly toppled backwards.  If that wasn't embarrassing enough, you should have seen me trying to get back up.

I am hardly starting to fit in a lot of my regular tee shirts now.  It's really sad because I still have 13 weeks to go and I am realizing I have no clothes to wear.  It looks like I will be living in dresses and tank tops for a little while until I can go out and buy some maternity shirts.  It's just not something that is high on my priority list at the moment.

Now that I am reaching the uncomfortable stage of pregnancy my mind is even more baffled as to why there are people out there who LOVE being pregnant.  I really can't understand it.  It's like having an Alien inside of your body telling you how to feel and what to eat.  I don't find that enjoyable at all.  The only thing I have found enjoyable is when Zoë kicks me, because it's amusing.


  1. You're so cute! Found you in the linkup :) nice to meet you, and congrats! new babies are wonderful <3
    -Alexandra Anne