Monday, August 6, 2012

Anyone Want to buy my Toyota Corolla?



Since my husband got orders to leave the island I have been working vigorously to try to sell our car.  The military only pays for one car to travel back to mainland, and because we have a 2011 Toyota Tacoma, the car has to be sold before we leave.  Otherwise it's going to cost us close to $3,000 to ship it to Georgia.

So, as soon as I found out we were leaving I put a for sale sign on the car and put it on Craigslist.  I have put it on Craigslist about 5 times now! And I have only had two people look at the car.

It's not a bad looking car right?  I originally posted the car for $7,500.  After it sitting on Craigslist for a month with no phone calls I moved the price down to $6,500.  The car is worth about $9,000 according to Kelly Blue Book.

Is it just me or are people cheap as hell these days!?  This is an actual conversation I had with someone on the phone...

Buyer: Hi, I am calling about your Corolla on Craigslist.  I was just wondering if you are willing to go down on the price at all.

Me: Um, it really depends.  I originally posted the car for $1,000 more than I am asking right now and I really can't go down any further.  What do you have in mind?

Buyer: I was thinking something closer to $4,000.

Me: I am sorry but I am not willing to go under $6,000 on the car.  It's in perfect condition and I just put a bunch of new parts in the car before I knew I was selling it so it won't need any kind of maintenance besides standard oil changes for about another 5 years.  If you want to come down and look at it, you will see that the car is already going for a great price.  If I could afford to ship the car I would be keeping it.

Buyer: Oh no, that's ok.  Just thought I would try.

I have had about 3 or 4 calls like that one.  This has been my favorite conversation so far...

Buyer: I was calling about the Corolla online.  I was wondering if you were doing trades.

Me: I would only be willing to trade if it was a newer motorcycle.  What did you have in mind?

Buyer: Oh I wanted to trade my 1998 Ford Focus.

Me: Are you serious?  My car is a 2003 and a Toyota.

Buyer: I will give you an extra $500.

Me: No I am sorry but that would be pointless for me.  Thanks though.

Really.  A trade for a Ford Focus.  People are off their rockers!!!

What do you think about the car? And what are your opinions on Craigslist. Do you just feel like everything on there is just a scam.  I feel like people are trying to scam other people left and right on that site.

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