Saturday, August 4, 2012

Olympic games!!!!

Ahhhhh, I love the Olympics.  There is nothing better than screaming at your TV rooting for the good 'ol US of A.  Did you know that the United States gives the least amount of money towards an Olympic medal than every other country besides Australia? Maybe it's because we win so many that our Olympic Committee can't afford to give more cash. *Zing*.  Now that we are a week deep into these games, I just thought I would do a quick update on my thoughts about this summer Olympics.

I have to begin with my absolute favorite moment.

Hey, Gabby Douglas...those two gold medals must taste great with breakfast!  This girl stole my heart.  Many people say that it's her smile that makes everyone love her so much, but I think what "it" is really is that you can see right through the TV at how appreciative she is of everyone around her.  From the looks of it, not only does she respect herself (like most Olympians), but her coach, her team mates and most importantly her family (How many people wanted a hug from her mother like me?).  How could anyone not love a person who thanks everyone else for her success?

And it's not just Miss Douglas who had some kind of spark, this gymnastics team was one of the greatest teams in history.  They were incredibly supportive of each other and extremely grateful for their win.  Loved it.

Another favorite moment? The build up suspense of this sport...

Mostly because of the Colbert Report.  Dressage.  Who even knew this was an Olympic sport before Democrats went crazy because Ann Romney owns half of this horse?  Anyways, I was looking forward to watching it because of Colbert's hilarious commentary earlier in the week. 

A moment that was not my favorite?

China taking home Gold in Trampoline.  Come on America, get it together! Every classy family in America has a trampoline for back yard furniture...why are we not the greatest at this sport?  America's trampoline team definitely needs to train harder for the next Olympics.  We can't let China take away everything from us! Especially not such an AWESOME sport.  Seriously though, this is one of my favorite olympic sports, besides... TABLE TENNIS!!!!

What are some of your favorite Olympic events? And what has been the most memorable moment for you this far?


  1. Awe thanks for the comment girl. That was cute. I love grocery shopping. It's ok, we can be old wives together, kay?

    Oh my, 24 in a year.
    Now that'll be scary.

    I'm thinking a bottle of wine and a rocking chair, what do you say?


  2. It has taken over our household,I haven't seen much but my kids are glue to the tv :)

    1. When I was a kid I never got into the Olympics. I have only really watched gymnastics up until last summer Olympics with Phelps. I got amazed at how many sports they played during late night, they always seem more entertaining to me for some reason. Like...the winter olympics and shuffleboard. That is my ultimate winter Olympic game!

  3. Gabby Douglas, for sure. She's beautiful, talented and just so happy. Love her smile, love her attitude, love her story, just LOVE HER.