Thursday, April 2, 2015

Recent Update on My Bucketlist

I am aware that it has been a VERY long time since I have blogged. There are a bunch of reasons, but sadly none of them check off items on my bucket list. However, they are pretty interesting! The first thing is that I have a son. 

His name is Anthony Filop and he was born on July 8, 2014. Between him and Zoë, I have been incredibly busy. This is how big Zoë is these days...

Having a toddler and an infant around while my husband was away for month was an incredibly daunting task. But, mostly because I was also busy finishing my BA English degree at UNF. 

During this time I was also student teaching, coaching High School cheer, and substituting. To add to my demanding life, my husband received new orders to start working in Washington state, forcing us to move across the country, yet again. We are finally settled into our new home where I am currently staying home with both of the kids and looking for work. The best part about where we are now is that my husband is working a normal job, Monday thru Friday, and reasonable hours, no deployments. Which gives me the opportunity to really explore my own interests (and maybe check off some of my bucket list in the process). I can confidently state that I am back into blogging, and I am looking forward to sharing my experiences with you once again!

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