Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Northern Girl living in a Southern World

As much as I complain about the cold winter days when I was living in New York, I have learned to hate the mutant bugs in the south.
In New York, the cold frozen tundra would kill off pretty much any living bug.  It was kind of wonderful now that I think about it.
In Hawaii I learned how to deal with flying palmetto bugs.  Since Hawaii and the flying roaches, I thought that I could handle any creature.  So, here I am in my garage in Georgia when I spot a massive spider web and *welp* I am facing a brown widow spider in the eye.  I noticed the spider is doing a pretty good job at killing roaches in the garage, so I decided I would let it live.  That is, until I did some research on how dangerous this spider really is!  I decided I needed to approach this issue quickly and efficiently.  I waltzed into the kitchen and grabbed my canister of roach and ant killer.  I am really hoping that this method works because I am deathly afraid of spiders.  As I am spraying the spider it runs for it's life under a plastic bin.  This is when I noticed two GIANT egg sacs.  Oh no.  Oh no you didn't spider.
I am going to need something way stronger than this canister of roach killer.
I run back into my kitchen where I found some Raid Bombs.  Yes.  I will FUME the shit out of these spiders. I turned off the pilot light (actually my neighbor turned it off for me) and I opened that sucker faster than the speed of light.

Now I am quietly waiting until I can see what affect this stuff has on the bugs in the garage.  I have a feeling I will be cleaning out absolutely everything tomorrow.  Plus, my bug guy is coming tomorrow to do another spray just in case I missed anything with my tactics.

I am a New Yorker, I do NOT do well with poisonous creatures of the night.

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