Wednesday, July 27, 2016

At the Water's Edge

At the Water's Edge is Sara Gruen's fifth novel. The story begins in a life most people dream of, one of riches and prestige. Maddy, who is the narrator, is married to a rich socialite named Ellis. One night, she is out with her husband and his "friend" Hank at a party when they get overly drunk and they make a mockery out of their parents - which seems completely normal. Their parents are so embarrassed from the gossip that arises that they kick their son and his wife out of their home and cut them off from all their wealth. A little extreme, but Gruen needs to get the conflict started.

They quickly decide that the only way to get their parent's forgiveness is to seek out the Lock Ness Monster. At the Water's Edge suddenly turns into a mystical story filled with multiple incidences of Scottish folklore.

Intertwined within this story line is this trio's experience during WWII and how the war impacts them and the people of Scotland. Or in Ellis and Hank's life, doesn't impact them. A couple of love stories arise, and a couple of love stories fail.

There are many themes within At the Water's Edge, including physical and mental abuse, that will make a reader reevaluate their own past relationships. Gruen provides a lot of historical detail within the book which would delight any history guru. Maddy's character evolves in a way that the reader will certainly not expect.

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