Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Two book Reviews (not on bucket list)

      My first book review is this pretty little piece above, "Maria, or The Wrongs of Woman". This is a very eye-opening tale of a young woman who is inside a mental institution back in the 1800's because she wanted to leave her husband. It's one of the very first pieces of feminism scripture in our society. It's really well written and the story is told almost completely by dialogue. It was a quick read; it took me one day to start and finish.

This little story, "Treasure Island," is a classic. I had to read this for my Modern British Literature class. I really enjoyed this book. It was originally written for children, as in, it's a "children's book". I wouldn't categorize it in with the children's books of this century, but it was a pretty easy read. Who doesn't love reading about Pirate life and hunting for treasure?

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