Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The good, the bad, and the plain ugly of Politics

Alright, so every blogger has been pretty outspoken about their political views. What surprises me the most about American politics is that most Americans don't even know WHY they are voting for a certain candidate or not. I will admit, I was really disappointed that Ron Paul didn't get the popular vote yesterday in Hawaii. I believe he has the right ideals for our country at the moment, not to mention he is a candidate you can count on because for the past 30 years he has not changed his mind about ANYTHING. Here are just a few of our candidates and their stance on some issues...

(Barak Obama)

Abortion: Abortions will NOT be covered by insurance plans unless it's from rape or incest, or where the woman's life is endangered. Supports Planned Parenthood funding. For stem-cell research.
Afganistan: As the commander of the Army, we have to realize that Obama had to make a lot of tough decisions when it came to the war overseas. His resolution? Sending 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan. After people went all crazy on the President, he made a statement telling everyone not to worry, that the troops will continue coming home so by 2014 America will have no presence there.
Budget: Obama wants to raise taxes to eliminate debt. Aims at making college assessable by expanding pell grants and tax credits (headsmack-this is actually raising the college tuition AND putting people who can't afford college into their own personal debt). 
Same Sex Marriage: Against. But all for civil unions.
Marijuana: Supports decriminalization but not legalization. 

(Mitt Romney)

Abortion: Initially, Romney was Pro-Choice. Today? He is Pro-life. Would fight to see Roe v. Wade repealed outlawing abortion and the right for women to choose. Supports the defunding of Planned Parenthood. Against stem-cell research.
Afganistan: Believes cost isn't an issue, that we should stay overseas until the generals think its "safe" to withdrawal. 
Budget: Wants to cut taxes in order to stimulate economic growth. Supports setting up a national catastrophic fund to ensure that home owners are insured during natural disasters. Wants to make investments in alternative energy to lower energy costs. Wants to cut over 300 programs. 
Same Sex Marriage: Supports "Don't ask don't tell". Against same-sex marriages, but believes that same sex partnerships should have the same rights as though they were married, e.g. Health insurance benefits. At first he was very supportive of the community, but now is against it. Flip Flop.
Marijuana: Opposes all legalization of marijuana, even medical marijuana.

(Rick Santorum looking dashing)

Abortion: Not only does he want to make Abortion illegal, but he would also like to see all contraceptives outlawed. Canada anyone?  Unlike Rommey- he has been consistent with his decision. He has voted anti-choice 99% of the time. He also believes that the doctor who performs the abortion should be criminally charged for doing so. Against Roe v. Wade. Believes Planned Parenthood is "poison" and completely supports the defunding of the organization. Against Stem-cell research.
Afghanistan: Does not agree with Obama's plan to withdrawal troops from overseas.
Budget: Disapproves of bail outs. Wants to provide disadvantaged families affordable housing. Supports a balanced budget.
Same-Sex Marriage: If Santorum allowed same-sex marriage then it would open doors for pedophiles and give men reasons to have sex with animals. 
Marijuana: Despite using in college, he is against legalization

(Newt Gingrich- The most huggable candidate)

Abortion: Believes abortion should be illegal. Against Planned Parenthood and stem-cell research. Meh, he is a republican, he doesn't state why but we will just go with it.
Afganistan: Not really sure what to think about Afghanistan. 
Budget: Believes the US should stop spending money. Believes the budget must be balanced. Believes the government should be downsized.
Same-sex marriage: Against, and wants an amendment saying so.
Marijuana: Was a user and supporter of medical marijuana, but is now opposed to its legalization. 

(Ron Paul)

Abortion: Ron Paul is strongly Pro-life...HOWEVER he believes that as Americans we should have the right to choose. Wow, look at that! Believes in stem-cell research, does not believe in government funding of Planned Parenthood.
Afganistan: Wants an immediate withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. 
Budget: Wants to do everything to pay off debt. Believes spending should be based on the Constitution. Says we can not afford wars in the middle east. Does not support government bailouts. Supports a balanced budget plan.
Same-Sex marriage: Believes that voluntary association between individuals is a given in a free society, and feels like no one should impose their views upon others. Opposed to any amendment to allow or deny these rights. Although he believes marriage should be between a man and a woman, he thinks the matter should be left up to the states.
Marijuana: Believes that the decision to legalize marijuana should be a state decision.


  1. Geesh. These men just made my head hurt. lol

  2. prolife trumps everything for me and that is how I vote.

    1. I believe that in America we should have the right to choose. I mean, having "rights" is the basic foundation of our constitution correct? I would NEVER get an abortion and I am against it, but who am I to tell a 14 year-old girl raped by a family member that she can't? Also, if it gets outlawed, imagine how many deaths would occur from people trying to do it themselves. It's a tough social issue, but in a country which "boosts" being based on the constitution, it has no place in politics (same thing with Gay rights).

  3. Ron Paul seems to be the most moderate of the candidates, but I can't get over the racist undertones of his campaign / personality / publications. I'm hesitant to vote for anyone with those kind of views, and that's why Obama will be getting my vote. Again.

  4. I don't really like any of them.

    I don't completely agree with any of them on the issues. Ron Paul seems ok, but I am not sure.

    For me, its between Obama and Ron Paul.