Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Dog Has a Hard Time Dealing With Deployment

I am not sure if anyone else has this problem. I am an avid cat lover. My cat is awesome and he is completely "my pet". He loves my husband, but this cat is completely loyal to me. When my husband is gone my cat is happy to take over his space in bed. In fact, my cat, although outdoors, spends more time in the house when my husband is away. Me, being the huge cornball that I am believe my cat does this because he can sense my loneliness and is trying to help me out a little bit. I just have this indescribable relationship with my cat.

My dog on the other hand is an asshole when my husband is away. Even though the dog has spent more time with me then my husband since we got him, he still claimed my husband as his "master" and me as his "maid" and "supplier of things to chew on". When my husband said he wanted a dog I was very fond of the idea because I have never had my own dog before. We went to the animal shelter and saw this dog that was very loving and most importantly, quiet. I was thinking a dog would make me feel a little bit better about being alone while my husband is away.

Wrong. A few weeks after we got Revis my husband was sent to Dive School in Florida for 7 weeks. When he was gone I swore up and down I was getting rid of the dog who refused to go outside. I was cleaning up shit and piss around my house for 7 weeks. As soon as my husband got home the dog stopped.

My husband told me I just don't know how to train a dog. I disagree. This dog refuses to listen to me, but listens to every word my husband says. It's like my dog is saying "SCREW YOU LADY, YOU'RE NOT MY REAL MOTHER".

For the last underway and so far this deployment I have encountered the dog not wanting to go outside. I stood out in the rain for 30 minutes to come inside and the dog look directly at me and piss on the carpet. And to make matters worse, he has been chewing on EVERYTHING. He ate one of my school books. He has ate his share of my underwear and socks (he digs through my laundry basket when I am not looking).

I am again to the point of swearing up and down that I am going to get rid of the asshole, but I know he is just having anxiety because his "master" isn't home which makes me feel bad. I have noticed he is missing patches of his hair from scratching so much (no he doesn't have fleas, I think it's an anxiety thing). My husband is pleading for me to not get rid of the dog. But seriously, would you be able to handle this for 6 months?


  1. No. I would take him to a trainer. They can work miracles.

    1. I think I am seriously going to look into this, this was my family's suggestion.

  2. My cat began the "excessive grooming" thing when we got a couple of kittens. I would take him to a trainer, if you can afford it. Or you could try to address him in a "gruffer" voice, if that exists. :)

  3. My dogs not as bad but did pee in the house at first too due to underway...but we get along now I still know she favors my husband and is sad he deployed too.

  4. Definitely seek training. Worst case scenario, they do make anxiety meds for dogs that you can look into.

  5. He's so cute, and I miss you dearly xoxo