Friday, May 31, 2013


Hey everyone!

So, as some may have noticed my blog has been down for a few months.  No, I haven't given up blogging.  I was Catfished! Someone had taken my photos and information from my blog and created a fake profile of me on Facebook.

So, until everything was taken down and taken care of, I had to shut down a lot of my social media sites. Sadly this included my blog.  Anyways, now that I am back (and that Zoe is a sleeping angel most of the time) I can come here and update with my usual nonsense.

Oh and I entered Zoe in this contest if you would like to go vote for her,

Click here to vote

She has gotten so big hasn't she? Entering her into this contest leads me to my next vent... How do some babies have thousands and thousands of people voting for them!? Some of the photos that are beating Zoe aren't even right side up! These contests are so darn hard!

Well, I have a few things in the work for this week, I have a couple new recipes (I have been experimenting with Quinoa) and I am working on a really neat project that I am hoping to publish this week.


  1. First, I'm glad that your the picture thing is taken care of.

    Second, as a person who does lots of contests and giveaways it's super hard to win voting contests because of so many cheaters. There are apps out there that can multiply the votes that actual people click. It's upsetting when people who follow the rules are beaten by someone who shows no moral compass.

    BTW, she's a doll.