Sunday, June 23, 2013


Ok everyone!

Who else has this thing called Influenster?  I just signed up last night and I am already on my way to try to get points and try to qualify for a VoxBox.  Seeing how I review products every once in a blue moon, I thought I would do a product review *Sunday*.

So, as some of you know. Before I was a mother I was a professional partier.  And by professional I mean, I didn't get paid.  However, I wasted a good amount of money on booze.  Yes, booze is something I know very well.  Almost too well.  And I was SO excited to see I could get an "expert badge" for my knowledge of drinky drinks.  Not only have a "tested" an array of alcoholic juices,  but I was also a cocktail waitress, and a bar back for years.

So Influenster, I take your challenge of writing a product review on my blog.  I could write a TON of booze reviews if you would like, but today I will not prove my past alcohol abuse and just start with one.

This Pinot Noir has been my current obsession.  I am always looking for a cheap flavorful wine.  I actually came about this wine at my last job.  We did a wine tasting and I wanted to share this particular wine with my husband so I went to the grocery store after and I was beyond SHOCKED that it was only $10ish (with the mark up of the bottle at our restaurant it was hard to realize the retail value until you walked into a store and saw for yourself.)

Why is this wine so delightful?
I have a love affair with wines with a slight vanilla distinction.  If you are one and the same, you will greatly enjoy this wine.

Any cons?
Well of course, it's a $10 bottle so it's a little harsh at first.  I found that really letting the bottle breath solves that problem, at least a little bit.

Since we are on the subject of cheap, yummy wine...

If you have been drinking barefoot, please, please, put the bottle down and try yellow tail instead.  Yellow tail is really not that much more expensive, and the flavor is SO much better.  I used to have a room mate who always bought Barefoot pinot grigio and it was the most horrifying thing I have ever tasted. I seriously wonder why people are still buying Barefoot when there is clearly a better option on the shelves for consumers.

I drink so much wine, I should have a "Wine Wednesday" review.
I wonder how many people would be interested in that!?  Have you enjoyed yellow tail or the Robert Mondavi Private Selection wines?  Am I wrong about my above statements?  Let me know in the comment section below!!

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